Vibrant Pool Services


Pool Balance Service

Ensure your pool’s chemical levels are primed for either start-up or ongoing maintenance. Count on us to maintain your pool’s equilibrium with our dependable, professional, and punctual service, regardless of the weather.

Plus, our pool maintenance services encompass pool balancing. This entails meticulously regulating chemical levels, not just chlorine for sanitation and acid for pH, but also monitoring alkalinity, cyanuric acid, and more.

Pool Start-Up

If your pool is freshly constructed or has undergone remodeling, and you’ve just filled it with fresh water, it’s time for a special phase known as pool start-up. During this process, your pool will receive a start-up service, requiring the addition of specific pool chemicals in significant quantities for its initial filling. It’s crucial to closely monitor the pool’s pH during this phase. Once this is done, you’ll transition into regular pool maintenance.

When do you need a pool balance?

Whenever new water is introduced into the pool, it disrupts the chemical balance. Thus, in the event of heavy rainfall or regular additions due to a leak, maintaining pool equilibrium becomes essential. Additionally, after any remodeling work, initiating a pool start-up is necessary.

Why do you need a pool water balance?

Maintaining the right balance in your pool water is essential for effective sanitization and longevity of your pool system. Properly balanced water prevents chemical corrosion, prolongs equipment lifespan, and enhances the overall swimming experience for users. Key factors influencing water balance include pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, temperature, and total dissolved solids.

A word about pool pH

The pH of a pool can fluctuate due to various factors. Whenever organic matter enters the pool, it impacts the pH. Additionally, factors such as the number of swimmers, airborne residues, evaporation, influx of fresh water, and the use of disinfectants or other pool chemicals can influence pH levels. Ideally, pool water should maintain a slightly alkaline pH, typically ranging from 7.2 to 7.8, with the optimal comfort for swimmers typically falling within the range of 7.4 to 7.6. Proper alkalinity levels are key to controlling pH, as they usually correlate with correct pH levels.

You may not need to be familiar with these intricacies, but as Certified Pool Operators (CPO) trained in pool water chemistry, we understand them thoroughly. Trust our expertise to manage your pool’s chemistry effectively. Contact us today!