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When a pool has been neglected for a prolonged period or stubborn stains mar its finish, opting for an acid wash pool service is often advised. Wondering how to address those pesky pool stains? An acid wash might just be the solution you need. This service efficiently eliminates or significantly reduces the visibility of pool stains, offering a cost-effective alternative to extensive renovations such as replacing the pool finish.

How to acid wash a pool

The acid wash process entails removing debris, draining the pool, scrubbing its walls and floor with acid, rinsing thoroughly, refilling with fresh water, and conducting a startup pool balance service.

Our pool maintenance experts are adept at handling the chemicals required for an acid wash with care and safety in mind. They adhere to strict protocols and wear protective gear to minimize risks. Muriatic Acid, known as no-fume acid, is the selected chemical due to its effectiveness. Given its caustic nature and potential for skin burns and respiratory harm if mishandled, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a professional Miami pool company for acid wash treatments.

Pool stains experts

In certain instances, such as when stains are minimal and confined, we have the capability to conduct an acid wash without draining the pool. Using specialized tools, we can effectively reach the pool’s walls and floor to apply the acid remotely, eliminating the need for pool drainage. This method may offer a more economical solution compared to a full acid wash. Our team of pool service technicians is skilled at assessing your unique pool stain scenario and providing tailored recommendations.

At Vibrant Pool Service, we specialize in pool stain removal and acid washing, restoring the allure of your swimming pool. Reach out to one of our Vibrant Pool Service professionals for a personalized evaluation.